Our team at Plasterfix Australia are experts in delivering a quality finish of the supporting frame work for ceilings in Sydney’s residential and commercial properties. From laser levelled Rondo concealed suspended ceiling systems for residential properties, to exposed suspended ceiling grid style pattern systems for commercial properties. Our expertise spans a wide range of ceiling installation services. Our ceiling installers have extensive knowledge in curved ceiling frames & can have custom suspended ceilings in Sydney produced to almost any radius.

Why You Need Suspended Ceilings In Sydney?

A suspended ceiling system installation, often referred to as ‘dropped ceilings’ or ‘false ceilings’, have been commonly used in many different building types for years.


The main benefit of dropped ceiling or suspended ceilings in Sydney is to provide a clean, smooth finish to the internal ceiling of a room, whilst hiding electrical wiring, pipework, structural framing joists, thin metal frames, steel grid, and other utilities.


A suspended ceiling system is the most cost-effective solution to provide a clean, smooth ceiling structure finish. It also acts as an effective sound barrier and insulation. Suspended ceilings allow for a wide variety of ceiling systems and can be fire-rated for safety. Additionally, suspended ceilings can contribute greatly to the light quality of a room. For a great job in suspended ceiling Sydney installation, trust Plasterfix.


Other key benefits include:



The ceiling can act as an effective sound barrier between floors, or with the use of sound absorbing tiles, can work very effectively at improving the general acoustics of a room.



Simply installing suspended ceilings in Sydney, whereby the ceiling height within a room is reduced, will act as an effective means to ‘trap’ the warmer air within the room and reduce it being lost into the top of the ceiling. This has the added benefit of making the space more energy efficient and saving on energy bills, like air conditioning costs.



The flexibility in styles and designs of suspended ceiling panels allow customers to choose from a wide variety of finishes.



In some instances, such as corridors used for fire escapes, fire rated ceilings in Sydney will be required. A fire-rated ceiling will have been tested by the manufacturer to retain structural integrity for a set period of time (usually 30 or 60 minutes) and indicates how effectively the ceiling can hold back fire and prevent it from spreading from room to room.



The quality of light in a room contributes greatly to it’s look and feel. Poor lighting in any room can lead to eye strain, fatigue and headaches which will in turn reduce productivity and comfort. Ceiling tiles have a light reflectance score published by the manufacturer as a percentage. Ceiling systems with a high light reflectance can return up to 90% of the light back into the space, compared to around 75% for standard suspended ceilings in Sydney.


For great suspended ceilings in Sydney, call Plasterfix.

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