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Plasterfix Australia is built on the skills of master craftsman Pedro Pires, who has been in the plastering business for 30 years. We are Sydney’s best plastering experts for residential and commercial projects, carrying on a family trade with quality workmanship and qualified professionals focused on customer satisfaction.

Here at Plasterfix, we offer plastering work at an affordable price.

As Sydney plasterers, we can do:

  • Plaster repair services (such as surface damage, cracks, and vermicular repair for walls and ceilings)
  • Sourcing and restoration of original and heritage plaster products
  • Installation of new ceilings, cornices, access panels, and hatches
  • Complete fire rating

Whether it’s ornate heritage buildings or modern architecture, choose the best Sydney plastering service to trust – Plasterfix Australia.

Plastering Services

Suspended Ceilings Sydney

A suspended ceiling is the most cost-effective solution to provide a clean, smooth finish while hiding electrical wires, pipework, and other utilities. It also acts as an effective sound barrier and insulation. Suspended ceilings allow for a wide variety of ceilings and can be fire-rated for safety. Additionally, suspended ceilings can contribute greatly to the light quality of a room. For a great job in suspended ceiling Sydney installation, trust Plasterfix.

Water Damage Plaster Sydney

Water-damaged plaster can pose a health hazard if not treated immediately. Plasterboard soaks up water leakage, then becomes brittle, weak, and mouldy when it dries out. This runs the risk of coming loose and falling down from the framework. It’s of utmost importance to take care of water-damaged plaster sooner rather than later.

Plasterfix guarantees a prompt and effective response, whether we need to repair a new ceiling or replace an old one. Our experienced and dedicated team will assess the situation and decide on the best solution for each job.


How does moisture affect plasterboard?​

When plasterboard is exposed to elevated levels of moisture for an extended period, it may affect the integrity of the plasterboard and its ability to perform its intended function.

Plasterboard acts like a sponge and can absorb a large amount of moisture. This can lead to sagging, bulging and discolouration of the board and turn it into the perfect breeding ground for unsightly and unhealthy mould.

Usually, professional painters ensure the exterior painting on the surface of the drywall will protect it against small leaks and spilled water, but the problem occurs when the water gets to areas that are not protected by paint, such as the back of the plasterboard attached to the metal framing and at the floor or ceiling.

Plasterboard that has become wet during its service life must be assessed for damage and then either repaired or replaced.

Ornate Plasterwork Sydney

Ornate plasterwork can give any room a classy and luxurious appearance with its intricate designs and finishes. This kind of quality workmanship is found in many heritage homes and buildings, and requires both experience and a delicate touch. Plasterfix has over three decades of working with the best buildings in Australia’s oldest city, blending modern, highest quality materials with traditional techniques for the best job. Rest assured, with Plasterfix, we elevate plastering work to an architectural art form.

Plasterfix can work with the largest pieces to the smallest and most fragile feature walls, and on both commercial projects and residential plastering jobs. Our services include:

  • Large archways
  • Ornamental ceilings
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • Ceiling domes
  • Wall panelling

Your job will be carried out by plasterers trained in traditional hands-on techniques that are no longer part of the usual trades training.

Our master plasterer has more than 30 years of experience professionally, building on “old world” skills handed down to him by his father. We meld the best of modern materials and techniques, with the craftsmanship that elevated plastering to an architectural art form.

Plasterfix offers complete solutions for ornate plasterwork, vintage installation and repairs on heritage buildings, new house, or even granny flats.

​Sourcing and supplying ornate plaster

With our deep networks of manufacturers and custom workshops, Plasterfix Australia can find and fit the plasterwork that matches your interior and at an affordable plastering cost. 

For advanced work, we can make moulds and create fully tailor made pieces – something that many other plasterers can no longer do. This means that we have an answer for your needs, whether that is matching the style of your existing heritage building or the renovation vision of your interior designer.

Strata & Real Estate Jobs Sydney

Plasterfix is a supplier you can rely on for all plastering work in strata and real estate projects. It’s of utmost importance that damaged plaster is repaired promptly to avoid further damage or displeased occupants. As a leading plasterer Sydney locals trust, we have long-term partnerships with some of the largest strata management companies that let us become the best plasterer Sydney has to offer. We offer quick quotes and rapid results for an all-in-one, high quality plastering service. We make the process convenient and efficient, saving you time you’d otherwise spend managing a repair job.

Acoustic Soundproofing & Insulation Sydney

Modern entertainment systems call for high quality audio-visual experiences. Here at Plasterfix, we can install the most effective sound proofing for your home theatre systems. This includes everything from sound-rated, acoustic-mounted suspended ceilings, to insulation and sound absorbing panels Sydney. We also install Visco-elastic membranes between layers of acoustic-rated plasterboard installation for the highest quality acoustics and sound proofing in your home.

Small To Large Patch Jobs Sydney

Whatever plaster repair Sydney you need, whether it’s on your wall or ceiling, we’re the best Sydney plasterer of choice. We have all the knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of jobs for wall and ceiling repair: holes, cracks, wall bulges, ceiling sagging, damaged cornice, and other types of damaged plasterboard that need repairing or renovating. There’s no job too big or small for our professional plastering team. We work down to the tiniest detail to ensure good quality work is completed on time.

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All our Sydney plasterers are fully insured and fully licensed, while our services are OHS compliant and qualified for all your plastering work

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We have over 30 years of consistent, expert Sydney plastering services. Plasterfix Australia has established ourselves as the best plasterers in Sydney

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“My wife and i are absolutely pleased with the experience, service and workmanship. We had plastering and painting work done and we are so happy with the results. What we also appreciated was that Plasterfix Australia was committed to providing great service and communication from start to finish. Always returns calls and kept us updated.”

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“Start to finish, a very professional group of people: prompt contact, on time arrival, cleaned up at the end of the job and a great result. I highly recommend this firm.”

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